Laptop Shuts Off During Windows 10 Installation

Laptop Shuts Off During Windows 10 Installation

I 've been refurbishing lots of laptops for re-distribution amonst children without access to computers while off school during the pandemic. Many laptops come from sitting in a cupboard for a few years and the batteries are 100% flat meaning they have no charge in them whatsoever. I've noticed with 2 so far that during the installation procedure the laptops had powered down during the "Getting Ready" phase. 

Subsequent boot from the hard drive returns an error that the install was interrupted.


Remove the battery (tricky if it's an internal one), power laptop from the mains only and start the installation again. You can replace the battery once Windows is installed again but you'll probably find that it is not charging. Odd behaviour of Li-ion batteries is they need a little bit of power to start charging. I had a DELL which would not install with or without battery but overcame the problem with the purchase and fitting of a new internal battery.

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