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Classic ASP - Unique Random Numbers

Many of you will know that I do like coding and out of all the languages I like Microsoft Classic ASP. The reason is simple, I started coding in the 1980s with BBC Basic on my Acorn Electron then GW ... Read more

Laptop Shuts Off During Windows 10 Installation

I 've been refurbishing lots of laptops for re-distribution amonst children without access to computers while off school during the pandemic. Many laptops come from sitting in a cupboard for a few ... Read more

Reloading the Operating System

We have on many occasions had to reload the operating system due to unforseen circumstances such as a virus infection or data corruption that cannot be fixed by normal means. Reloading the operating ... Read more

Upgrade to a Solid State Drive

If you're looking to keep your data safe and improve the performance of your system, here are four reasons why you should consider an SSD upgrade. More durable With traditional hard drives, the ... Read more

Avoid using IBM Trusteer Rapport

I have been getting a lot of computers in for servicing due to clients reporting slowness. One of main contributors to this state is the plethora of unnecessary software being loaded onto new ... Read more

Changing DNS settings

Some customers of BT may experience delays in accessing some sites. A client of mine found accessing their site was painfully slow and made editing the site totally impractical. Tests from my end ... Read more

Get-Simple: Change the news manager post heading in the template

News Manager in Get-Simple content management system has the ugly habit of just showing the title of the news page when displaying a single post. You can overcome this with the following code in the ... Read more

How to make WinSCP a mobile application.

WinSCP is a fabulous piece of free software for uploading and downloading via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to various servers. I do this a lot supporting clients and their websites. The program ... Read more

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