The MP of High Wycombe has slammed Nigel Farage as "ignorant and offensive" after comments he made about British Muslims in an interview with Sky News.

In the interview, Nigel Farage spoke to Trevor Phillips on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's proposals for a national service ahead of the next General Election on July 4.

Mr Farage said in response: "We have a growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British values."

When asked by the interviewer who Mr Farage was referring to, he clarified he was talking about Muslims.

Mr Farage continued: "I found some of the recent surveys saying that 46 per cent of British Muslims support Hamas, a terrorist organisation that is described in this country. And this prime minister is building far more of that population than anybody before in history."

It is an interview which has caused uproar online as other political figures have weighed in with their views.

Steve Baker, MP for High Wycombe wrote to X (formerly Twitter) calling Mr Farage "ignorant and offensive" as he spoke of his pride in the local community.

"I am proud that in Wycombe, British Muslims are councillors, mayors, council chairs and parliamentary candidates, Justices of the Peace and the present High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire," Mr Baker said.

"They are teachers and headteachers, doctors and pillars of our society. These are my colleagues, friends and supporters and I am glad.

"They deserve much better than to be the object of this clear and intolerable bigotry."

"This is why I have always fought Islamophobia and why I will continue to do so, supporting the creation of a practical definition.

"It is not right that good British people should be slandered like this and I will defend them."