DISGUSTED neighbours are opposing "awful" plans for a 3G pitch on a field that backs onto their gardens.

Many residents who leave near The Highcrest Academy on Hatters Lane are unhappy with the schools proposals to create a floodlit artificial football pitch.

The school believes the pitch "will encourage more football activity" as well as allow local teams and clubs to pay during weekday evenings and weekends.

As well as this, the applicant also claims the 3G pitch is a "sufficient distance away from neighbouring properties to prevent nuisance and disturbance by way of noise and lighting", however many disagree with this statement.

Nicola and Ronald Hester, who live in Wingate Avenue, say they will be directly impacted by the noise from people playing sports.

Bucks Free Press: Ronald and Nicola in their gardenRonald and Nicola in their garden (Image: Nicola and Ronald Hester)

She said: "Its going to affect so many people because it will be open from 8am to 10 at night except at weekends 8am to 8pm, so what with our lovely peaceful surroundings, well that peace is now going to be shattered.

"We've looked into the ecological side of things with this AstroTurf and it is awful. Its microplastics which gets into the water system and the government is absolutely ignoring all this. 

"All the wildlife too, theres loads of birds on that field and they feed off the insects, there's starlings, the foxes, badgers, everyone feeds the foxes and I feed the kites twice a week and its beautiful.

Bucks Free Press: Nicola and Ronald oppose the plans

"We're not going to get a peaceful evening, we're going to have to keep our windows closed."

Ronald said: "We don't mind the kids having something nice but we don't want it to impact us and everyone around us." 

"Imagine 45 feet high floodlights coming into your garden at 10pm at night, its not good."

Gita Szwer who lives at 42 Wingate Avenue echoed these sentiments and said: "Voices of pupils and teachers can often be heard from the far pitch at the Hatters Lane End. This one will be nearer.

"I find it difficult to believe that there will not be light pollution visible to neighbouring houses. The light poles are high."

Gary, who lives at Number 38 Wingate Avenue, fears the mound of soil which is proposed on the plan, will be the height of the fence behind him.

Bucks Free Press:

This means people can stand ontop of it and peer into his garden.

Stephen Jackson, another neighbour who lives at 39, said: "We feel that the lighting from floodlights will light up our garden/house lighting up our bedrooms. No changing / toilet facilities which could mean people urinating up our fence."

Residents have until Friday, April 26, to submit their comments of support or objection. 

To find the application enter 24/05699/FUL into Buckinghamshire Council's planning portal.