A mum has been left "feeling sick" after she witnessed two cats being thrown from a vehicle

Emma Clarke reported the incident to Thames Valley Police on Thursday, February 22, after she saw a blue car with its full beam headlights on driving towards her.

She was sat inside her daughter's car in Hicks Farm Way, Micklefield, when the car slowly approached and then 'came to a halt'.

She said: "Minding my own business, I was startled by full beams headlights which made me look up and a blue car, couldn't get the registration number, was slowly approaching and then came to a halt.

"I then witnessed two cats being thrown from the vehicle. My initial reaction was to jump out the car but I couldn't as have just had back surgery and am on crutches.

"The cats screamed and ran in the direction of the stairs which leads to the flats.

"My daughter heard the commotion and came running up the steps from visiting my parents to drop something to them.

"We searched the area but couldn't locate them."

Emma went back out on Friday to look for the cats but had no luck finding them.

She added: "I felt sick and my heart sank. How anyone can do this is just awful."

Emma called 101 and a police call handler told her to report the incident on their website.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for a comment.