Residents have overwhelmingly opposed a consultation proposing new on-street parking measures in Marlow.

Buckinghamshire Council issued a public consultation for proposed changes to on-street parking in Quoiting Square in January.

The changes would include charges between 7am and 7pm daily, permit parking bays, no waiting at any time and a 24-hour time limit with no return within 11 hours.

Councillor Neil Marshall told Marlow Town Council on Tuesday, April 16, that feedback on the consultation has been “extremely negative”.

He said 95 per cent of responses were against the new measures, with many opposed to “the principle” of charging for parking in the area.

Jim Platt, the 89-year-old owner of Platts of Marlow, a family-owned motor company that has been based in Quoiting Square since 1925, told the Free Press in February that the proposed changes would be “detrimental”.

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Mr Platt said nearby residents would be “displaced” by the measures and that redesignation of the currently unrestricted parking space would have a “significant impact” on the area.

Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport at Buckinghamshire Council, said in February that the proposals were designed to “protect parking space for residents, local businesses and the high street”.

He said all feedback from the consultation will be used to help “shape final arrangements”.