UPDATE: April Fools! Did we manage to trick you?

In an unexpected turn of events, legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne has announced his latest venture: a television series exploring the hidden gems of Buckinghamshire's pubs.

Titled "Ozzy's Boozy Buckinghamshire Tour," the show promises to blend Osbourne's iconic personality with the quaint charm of the county's watering holes. 

The premise of the Channel 5 series seems surreal at first glance. After all, Ozzy Osbourne is better known for his wild antics on stage and his time with the iconic band Black Sabbath, rather than pub crawls in the English countryside.

However, according to sources close to Osbourne, the rock legend has developed a newfound appreciation for British culture and wants to showcase the warmth and camaraderie found in local pubs. 

Back in December, the Royal Standard of England in Forty Green welcomed Ozzy Osbourne for a “zero alcohol” visit following his recent move back to Buckinghamshire with wife Sharon.

Ozzy also paid pub in England a visit in 2016 with his son Jack Osbourne to try a portion of fish and chips, which was shown in an episode of Ozzy & Jack’s Wold Detour reality show.

The series kicks off with Ozzy arriving back at the pub, eccentricity and a camera crew capturing every moment.

From the outset, viewers are treated to Osbourne's witty commentary as he embarks on his quest to uncover the best pubs in the area.

With his signature black attire and unmistakable Birmingham accent, Ozzy blends in surprisingly well with the locals as he navigates through quaint villages and picturesque landscapes.

Each episode follows a similar format, with Ozzy visiting a different pub and immersing himself in its unique atmosphere. From historic taverns dating back centuries to modern gastropubs serving craft beers, Osbourne leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of the ultimate pub experience.

Along the way, he engages in lively conversations with patrons, tries traditional British fare, and even performs impromptu jam sessions with local musicians.

From encounters with eccentric pub regulars to comical mishaps fuelled by the occasional pint, "Ozzy's Boozy Buckinghamshire Tour" delivers plenty of laughs and surprises.

The show airs on Channel 5 at 9pm on Thursday, April 4.