A dad and son tried 'London's hottest curry' - so spicy diners have 'hallucinated and been rushed to hospital' - and survived by downing a pint of milk.

Callum Ryan, 23, went to Aladin in Brick Lane, London, with his dad Darren Ryan, 55, to try the legendry dish.

The pair ordered the phall - reportedly the 'hottest curry in London' - and said the waiter asked 'are you sure?'.

Bucks Free Press:

Reports online say the £10.95 dish "is so intense there have been reports in the media of people crying, hallucinating and even being rushed to hospital after eating it".

The curry includes ghost peppers, ginger, chilli powder, pepper, garam masala and cumin - registering at 1.2 million on Scoville scale.

Callum, a content creator, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, said: "I quite liked the taste.

"I would order it again but dad definitely wouldn't.

"When I asked for the phaal, the waiter asked if we were sure.

"I asked him out of 10 how hot it was and he said 11 - he said it was too hot for him."

After trying the curry on Monday, April 15, Darren raced out of the restaurant to grab a pint of milk.

He said: "I’ve never felt so scared going to a restaurant. 

"It almost felt like I was facing one of my biggest fears such as going skydiving.
"I did have second thoughts when the curry arrived. 

"But I knew I had try it because Callum was definitely going to give it a go and because of that I felt I had no choice, so just went for it.
"At first it was just like a normal curry, and I thought all that fuss and worrying was for nothing. 

"But how wrong I was! After a few minutes like a tornado, it kicked in! I didn’t know what to do with myself."

This is one of the many challenges Callum has set for himself which he has shared on his TikTok channel @thatonecal

In March he flew to Spain for a pint for £10 - less than a box of Estrella from Morrisons which cost £15.

He also flew to Dubai for  £64 - less than the cost of filling up a car with fuel.

You can follow Callum at https://www.tiktok.com/@thatonecal?lang=en and his dad Darren at https://www.tiktok.com/@dazzaryan