'A cashless society' is what Buckinghamshire motorists are warning we will become following supermarket petrol stations switching to card only payments.

ASDA petrol station in High Wycombe and Tesco in Amersham have a 'pay at pump' system, meaning drivers can tap their card to pay for fuel.

Asda announced in January 2024 that almost 100 of its stores would be going 'card-only' as they move away from a cash system.

The Asda petrol station on Crest Road was among those supermarkets to make the change.

But three months on, many Asda customers say there should be a cash option to pay or we well become a 'cashless society'.

Although some residents love using the card only 'pay at pump' feature, like Oliver Stemp, who finds it "easy and convenient" others, were quick to loathe it.

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Matt Rooke said: "I’ve used the pay at pump at ASDA my only complaint is that it stops at £99.99, I have a large fuel tank so have to present card twice to fill up from empty."

David Upton expresses his belief that customers should have the choice between cash and card payments.

"Emphasis on 'option,'" he said, adding: "You should still be able to join the queue buying their groceries to pay by cash if you so wish."

The choice of transitioning to a cash-free service continues to stir discussions among motorists, sparking debates on the importance of cash and the convenience brought by technological advancements.

As more establishments opt for card-only transactions, the argument of "cash versus card" rages on across Buckinghamshire.

However, for local resident Mark Free, the ultimate verdict is determined by the customers themselves: "their loss," he concluded.

As pay-at-pump stations move toward a cashless system, businesses must endure the backlash and brace for any potential loss as customers adapt to the change.

Asda has reassured customers that its in-store supermarkets will continue to accept both cash and card payments as normal.

"The majority of customers who use our drive-thru Superstore fuel stations use pay at the pump and over 90 per cent of all payments are made on a card or contactless device," said a spokesperson for Asda.

"More than half of our drive-thru sites are already unmanned, and we are moving the remaining colleagues who work in the kiosk into the adjacent store so they can better serve customers.”