Officers from Thames Valley Police have increased their on-foot patrols following a sudden rise in burglaries.

Coppers have been out in force in Amersham after certain streets within the town have been targeted – most recently on Clifton Road.

This comes after a flat along the road was illegally entered at the back end of January.

The perpetrators gained entry by 'smashing a window via a flat roof'.

It has since been confirmed by the authorities that ‘a watch, commemorative ornaments and coins’ were stolen in the raid.

There were no reported injuries.

Those based at TVP [Thames Valley Police] said: “We can confirm that there have not been any arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

“Members of the public are encouraged to call 101 and say the reference number 43240038845 if they have any information.”

Additionally, when out on patrol, officers said: “Officers from the Amersham NHPT are out patrolling following an increase in burglaries over the winter period.”