BT Home Hub 6 Wireless Problems

Posted on Aug 20, 2017

L. BT Hub 6 - R. BT Hub 5I've noticed some very erratic behaviour from this hub. The latest and greatest would appear to have issues where the wireless stops broadcasting altogether. Access through the Gb ports on the back are fine and access to the admin page is OK too. I've tried splitting the channels to no avail. One symptom would be the WPS button on the side not working and through the control panel "Start WPS" prompts for the page to be saved rather than activating WPS. If you have wireless access points attached through the Ethernet port then you may not see the problem - I only found out something was amiss when configuring some repeaters which latch on to the wifi signal. Another symptom was the connection time from green light to amber to blue took almost 5 minutes.

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