HILLINGDON Youth Justice Service is not meeting expected operating standards, a report shows.

The service received an overall rating of ‘requires improvement’ from HM Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP).

It is the independent inspector of youth offending and probation services across England and Wales.

The YJS provides support to those aged 10-17 who get into trouble with the law and helps prevent them from committing more crimes.

The quality of Hillingdon’s work across youth justice and beyond was commended during the inspection.

However, the inspectors said some staff did not have the level of understanding of risk management work required for complex post-court cases.

Chief Inspector Justin Russell said: “There is no doubt Hillingdon YJS is a service that is changing the lives of local children under their supervision for the better.

“However, we found it needs to improve in key areas, particularly in managing cases where children pose a risk to others.”

A Hillingdon Council spokesperson responded: “The council has confidence and pride in the services it provides for children and young people.

“These services were praised by Ofsted, and the inspector’s own report highlights many of the areas where we’re performing well.

“Partnership working was flagged as ‘outstanding’ while out-of-court disposals, resettlement policy and provision, and our staff, information and facilities in delivering the service were all considered ‘good’.

“The council has a strong relationship with the national Youth Justice Board, which has previously cited Hillingdon’s work as examples of good practice.

“Where the inspector has identified some learning, the council will work with its partners to quickly address and implement it.”