THIS picture of a jumping spider taken at Uxbridge Alderglade Nature Reserve won Will Jobbins the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust’s Wild Snaps competition.

Hobby photographers were asked to submit their best images of wildlife and more than 450 were narrowed to 30 finalists, who faced an online public vote.

Will said: “I live within walking distance of the HMWT reserve [Uxbridge Alderglade, close to] Fray's Farm, and can often be found crawling around in the bushes with my macro lens, chasing invertebrates.

“I find macro photography fascinating because even the tiniest hedge can become an all-day safari through hundreds of different species, all so captivating and unique.  

"The spider is marpissa muscosa, the fence-post jumping spider. It is actually quite rare in the UK, but the strongest populations are west of London, including the Colne Valley.

“This adult male should share much of the credit for my image - he's an absolute stunner!"

It will be featured in Wildlife Matters, the trust’s membership magazine, and Will receives a £300 voucher for wildlife-watching equipment.