A FORMER Uxbridge College and University of West London student is putting everything he’s learned into his latest venture, helping young people grow their skills.

Ioannis Antypas has created Workscan, a platform designed to revolutionise how students connect with, apply for and track work placements and volunteering roles as they study. 

It is his latest venture after launching seven gaming apps while still at school and even writing his own book.

All of this is despite arriving in London with his family from Greece as a child and not speaking a word of English. 

Ioannis worked hard to attend college in Uxbridge, where he studied cyber security and information technology before going on to study for a degree at UWL in Ealing.

He said: “I was the child who ran my own business at school, selling bottles of water and sweets to other pupils.

“When I was older, I would go with my father to scrap yards and buy bicycles to fix and sell on. Then, I started creating my own gaming apps.”

Workscan already has more than 20 employers from across London ready to link their vacancies with talented students.