Hundreds of students have already signed up to join the latest cohort of young journalists who are writing for Newsquest’s local papers in and around Greater London.

The scheme, which is just starting up for the twelfth year running, offers students between the ages of 14 and 18, a chance to experience real life in the media.

Loredana Roberts, Curriculum Extension & Marketing Director from Gumley House School, said “Young Reporter is an extraordinarily inspiring and unique initiative. There isn’t a comparable offering for school aged students keen to explore the world of journalism."

Many students are interested in careers in the media, but work experience placements are few and far between for those still at school. The Young Reporter Scheme fills that gap and enables those wishing to consider a career in this field, the chance to see their work published over a period of eight months.

Running from September through to April 2020, students have to be registered by the end of October to be included in the programme for this year. 

It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to show off their writing ability and build up their confidence, whilst exploring new avenues of journalism.

Over the eight months, they are encouraged to venture out of their comfort zones and meet new people, interviewing them and covering some of the extraordinary feats achieved by regular people.

All of their articles are published online and they can build up a portfolio of their published work for use with their CVs and UCAS applications.

Tessa Bartholomew, an English teacher and Young Reporter Coordinator at Hampton School, said: “The Young Reporter programme is an excellent scheme for teenagers and I thoroughly recommend it to all schools.’’

Today Universities want more than just good grades and this scheme shows huge commitment and dedication by those that complete the task. Students studying for Duke of Edinburgh can also do this scheme as part of their qualification.

Schools worry that there will be a lot of extra work and pressure put on teachers already stretched to the limits. This is not the case as Newsquest do all the work; the schools only have to put forward the names of students who are enthusiastic or who they feel will benefit from this amazing scheme.

For more information please visit the Young Reporter website or contact