Readers have put forward their ideas to improve traffic flow on Watford’s ring road.

After a traffic surveyor suggested filtering traffic near the exit to one of the town’s biggest car parks, commenters came up with their own suggestions to reduce delays in the town centre.

Commenter D_Penn said one of the best ways to make the ring road less congested was to put in subways, which in turn would make “life safer for pedestrians and less congested for motorists”.

But we know Hertfordshire County Council do not favour subways.

After backlash to the traffic lights timings changing at Clarendon Road, to put in a second pedestrian crossing, the council said subways are "not in keeping with encouraging more people to walk or cycle in the town".

Commenter TRT said swapping pelican crossings between Beechen Grove and Clarendon Road, at Water Lane, and at Lower High Street, for zebra crossings could help traffic flow more freely.

Another user, mytholms, said both lanes on the flyover over Watford Market should be used to continue around the ring road.

Hillingdon Times:

Currently cars in the left hand lane filter off to the left on the flyover (google street view)

However, this idea was met with criticism, with commenter Stephen Gibson saying that if both lanes are forced to sit at a red light then nobody would be able to exit the ring road which would lead to gridlock.

Commenter Bailey’s dad suggested more car parks a little further away from the ring road would help some drivers away.

They said: “The reality of it is that the amount of traffic entering the town at busy times now far exceeds that of the planners whose only option is to introduce traffic calming measures to slow everything down.

“As we now see regularly, this only serves to allow more traffic to enter the one- way system which then creates periods of gridlock. This situation is unlikely to get any better in coming years”.

Sophie Andreou said the ring road should be changed into a two ways system to avoid congestion coming out of cars parks.

She said: “This would stop all the problems that happen on a day to day basis and coming up to Christmas it’s a complete nightmare, as once we have finished work we want to get home especially after a hard day’s work.”