Golf guru Lysa Jones believes a game-changing female coaching initiative from UK Sport can help her make ‘history’ at Paris 2024.

Jones was one of 20 promising female coaches mentored by one of eight leaders – across 16 Olympic and Paralympic sports – as part of UK Sport’s innovative Female Coaches Leadership Programme.

The scheme aims to more than double the representation of women in the Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community by Paris 2024 and Jones, Under-18 Boys coach at England Golf, says the experience has whetted her appetite for the big occasion.

She said: “Bring on 2024. I'm ready for the Olympics – definitely.

“I want to make history and I want to change history. I'd love to be the female coach at the men's British Open with one of my players who's just about to turn pro.”

Jones was mentored by the experienced Claire Morrison, who works as Performance Coach at GB Boccia.

And on Morrison’s influence, Jones said: “We've attended three virtual sessions with Claire as she prepares her athletes for Tokyo and she's just such a fantastic coach.

“She's a master coach so she's highly regarded in the field – she's very calm and creates a very reflective environment.

“I hope I am as good as Claire one day.

Alongside being mentored by Morrison, Jones has taken part in group meetings with all 28 coaches involved and Karen Brown – a hockey coach with over 15 years of experience at the highest level – acted as a mentor to everyone.

And the programme has inspired Jones, who is based at The Oaks Golf Club near York, to connect with her fellow coaches in a much more significant way.

“I've not opened up so much as I have in this group. With my fellow male colleagues and coaches, you almost put that front up as a female coach and you put your armour on,” she added.

“Being in a virtual room with Karen Brown I’ve really opened up and I've not opened up this much to other coaches.”

Alongside Jones, a pro golfer before turning to coaching, Morrison also mentored fencing’s Katie Arup and goalball’s Becky Ashworth.

Despite the very different natures of their sports, the coaches have been able to share knowledge and techniques.

The programme has also motivated Jones to be proud of her achievements and to mentor other female coaches making their way in golf.

“The ladies on the course have given me such confidence to shine a light and go and talk about my story which I've never had the confidence to do,” she said.

“In life, I've been so focused and channelled on doing a good job, actually I need to empower other women and other females, especially coming through the PGA.”

UK Sport’s female coaches leadership programme is positioning 28 coaches as role models for the next generation of female coaches. It marks a turning point of truly making the coaching workforce in the Olympic and Paralympic community far more diverse and gender equal. For more information visit