Conservative candidate Fabio Conti has been elected as a councillor for the Hanger Hill ward in Ealing.

Just 365 votes separated Conti, who is also an NHS doctor, and his closest competitor, Labour candidate Grace Quansah. 

Conti said: “I feel pretty honoured that the residents of Hanger Hill have elected me, and I’m looking forward to getting to work, really.

“There’s lots of issues that people have mentioned to me. 

"But the three standout issues were, one, campaigning against the high-rising and over developments in Ealing, there are a lot that I know people are concerned about. 

“The second thing is making sure that if there are future traffic schemes going in at Hanger Hill that is proper resident consultation. 

“And the third thing is working really to clean up fly tipping hotspots and areas of anti-social behaviour and hoping to try and get on with those.”

Conti commiserated with the other candidates, as the Conservatives managed to hold on to the ward.

He added: “It’s really tough. I think for anyone who’s standing, for weeks and months when you’re working really hard. I was a councillor before, and I lost my seat in 2018, and I know it's really hard when you put everything you have into it can be really disappointing. 

“The thing that I learnt is just keep trying. If you’re really keen or passionate about the local area, just keep trying.”

Labour candidate Grace Quansah said she is proud of her campaign and thanked everyone who voted for her.

Quansah said: “I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! We’ve been in Covid, I’m a new candidate, we had two months to campaign and there was a difference of 365 votes.

"I believe I attracted a lot more new voters from across the ward and I’m proud of myself and thank you to everyone who voted for me.” 

Quansah said she now wants to focus on building relationships with residents.

Just yesterday, she spoke to a Convervative voter in Hanger Hill who was distraught that her late father’s care needs were not met.

“I’m just going to keep on working harder, keep focussing on empowering our residents and give them a voice on what matters to them.

“Eventually I will turn Hanger Hill red.

“Right now it seems the best person won but it’s only a matter of time. One has to be gracious, it is my name - Grace - so I congratulate him!”