HILLINGDON is being blighted with nitrous oxide canisters and the anti-social behaviour they promote, says Cllr Peter Curling, Labour group leader.

The little silver canisters are commonly littered on the pavement or in parks and contain the controlled a substance which is illegal to buy for recreational use.

Commonly known as ‘laughing gas’, its use is widespread in the borough, he says.

Cllr Curling put forward a motion at Thursday’s meeting, calling for action on the problem.

He said: "Along with the litter issue, it is also harmful to the user and is a public safety concern if driving under its influence."

The ruling Conservative group backed the call, but without the proactive measures, such as better enforcement action, that were proposed. 

Cllr Peter Curling continued: ‘I am pleased the Conservatives supported my motion, despite amending it to remove the action points.

“Continuing to neglect the situation will only see it worsen, putting even more strain on residents. The time to act is now.”