WYCOMBE’S MP Steve Baker says he has not been offered a top cabinet role in return for supporting Boris Johnson in his quest to become the next Prime Minister.

Mr Baker previously hinted he could run for the top role but decided instead to back Mr Johnson.

The former Brexit minister told the Bucks Free Press why he is backing the former London mayor.

He said: “I’m supporting Boris because I believe he is the best person to deliver for our country as he delivered for London.”

When asked if he was confident that Mr Johnson would be successful in his bid, Mr Baker said: “We never take any election for granted. There is a long road ahead.”

He was also asked if the Tory leader hopeful had promised him a top cabinet role in return for his support, but denied it, saying: “Boris is not offering any positions”.

The pair share a pro-Brexit stance and they campaigned together when the controversial Vote Leave bus came to High Wycombe before the EU referendum in June 2016.