A personal trainer who opened a gym that caters to those who have chronic conditions has revealed that ‘things are going well’.

Hilary Spearing, who owns and runs the Functional Fitness Studio in Cryers Hill in High Wycombe, opened the studio back in November, and following our article publicising the launch, people from all across the town have contacted the PT for advice and for sessions.

Bucks Free Press:

The Functional Fitness Studio in High Wycombe

The personal trainer did reveal however that whilst she does aim to help those suffering with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis amongst other diseases, she also wants to also help those who either just want to get fit, lose weight or battle their mental health issues.

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She told the Free Press: “I’ve got people who go to companies like David Lloyd and they say stuff like it’s far too busy, and you know what the gym is like in January, it’s going to be packed and it’ll be too busy.

Bucks Free Press:

The Functional Fitness Studio in High Wycombe

“So that's why people come to me as I think what I offer is something different to what a usual gym does.

“I’m not set up just to help those who have got something like arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s etc, as I want to help anyone and everyone.

“But if I can encourage people to come in and try exercising then that’s great.”

The personal trainer also revealed that she wants to help those with mental health issues.

Bucks Free Press:

Hilary Spearing at the Functional Fitness Studio in High Wycombe

This comes after she wrote a column for the Daily Mail back in June last year, explaining the correlation between mental health and exercising.

She added: “Mental health is so important, and I believe it’s the most important thing.

“Yes, physical health is important, but there is so much stuff with mental health now so that’s why it’s important to focus on both in the sessions.

“Every day, I plan my sessions for that client but there are some days where people come in and you can tell that they’re not 100 per cent, so I’ll change the routine on the spot to suit them.

“When this does happen, we usually do boxing as that really seems to help people.”

For more information about the Functional Fitness Studio, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thefunctionalfitnessstudio or email Hilary on thefunctionalfitnessstudio@gmail.com.