High Wycombe’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate has revealed her appearance at the recent Palestine rally within the town was for ‘pro-humanity’.

Toni Brodelle, who will be up against Steve Baker (Conservative) and Emma Reynolds (Labour) at the next General Election, took to social media to lambast both politicians for not attending the event that took place at the start of the month.

Thousands of residents lined up the streets of Wycombe draped in Palestinian flags due to the ongoing conflict with Israel, as many have called for a ceasefire between the two nations.

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And whilst she was seen at the Pro-Palestine rally, Ms Brodelle noted that it was a ‘pro-humanity march’, and if she had been asked to attend an event calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to violence against innocent Israeli civilians, she also would have been present."

She exclusively told the Free Press: “Ultimately, whilst it has been described as a ‘Pro-Palestine’ march, yes, it’s in support of Palestinians, but it’s a pro-humanity march.

“There are a lot of misconceptions that it was pro-Hamas and pro-terrorism but it’s not at all.

“Everyone there wanted to see an end to the atrocities between the two and have the hostages released on both sides.

“Israelis are detaining Palestinians whilst Hamas are detaining Israelis.

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“Condemning all these atrocities is important, and people need to speak up for those who can’t.

“I’ve said time and time again that human rights are human rights and they are universal.

“If people truly believe in human rights, you cannot apply them selectively.

“This is about coming down on the side of humanity, and if you want to see a ceasefire that will bring a true and lasting peace, then you have to call for an end to the violence on both sides.”

The conflict between the two nations first began in 1948, but on October 7 this year, hostilities increased when Hamas, a militant group from Palestine, coordinated a series of attacks in boarding areas of Israel.  

At Bucks Free Press today, talking about the ongoing Israel/Palestine crisis and my experiences of over a decade of...

Posted by Toni Brodelle - Working for Wycombe on Wednesday, 15 November 2023

The terrorists’ main plan was to deliberately provoke the Jewish country into invading Gaza, which has seen thousands of people on both sides lose their lives.

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A lot of the causalities have been innocent children.

Following the attacks, tensions have risen in the Western World as citizens have clashed over their support of either Palestine or Israel, which has led to mosques and synagogues getting vandalised.

Ms Brodelle continued: “I would have spoken to call for an immediate ceasefire, as well as to make it clear that Netanyahu's far-right Israeli government does not represent all Israeli people or Jewish people any more than Hamas represent all Palestinians.

"Currently, they are maintaining internationally-condemned illegal settlements, a clear apartheid system and a disproportionate balance of power, as well as the blockade of Gaza, all of which go back far further than October 7.

"Extremist groups like Hamas thrive in a vacuum of desperation and disempowerment.

"If we want to see an end to the pain and suffering of innocent civilians on both sides, we must acknowledge the root causes and support both sides in working consistently towards a two-state solution.

"That is the only path to lasting justice and peace.

"Also, as humans, we’re very quick to label people but hate multiplies hate.

“You’ve got those who are power hungry on both sides of the equation, and I condemn Hamas who are not a representation of all Palestinian people, as much as I condemn the far-right Israeli government who are not representative of all Israeli people.

“I’ve said for a long time that we need safe spaces for these difficult conversations to take place in order to be protected from fear and ignorance.

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“This is where education and awareness is really important.

“The Israeli government doesn’t represent the Israeli people or all Jews, that there is a disruption balance of power, and blocking aid to Gaza, whilst talking about the pain and suffering on both sides.

“The actions of Hamas and the Israeli government have caused so much pain on both sides.”