Wycombe owner Pete Couhig has revealed that a lot of work is being done behind closed doors to make sure that the Chairboys are ready for the new season.

The Championship will start on Saturday, September 12 and will be the club’s first in the second tier of English football, following their League One play-off final win against Oxford United at Wembley Stadium on July 13.

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He revealed that there has been no time off for any of the business or football staff associated with the club, as there are ‘a million things’ that need to be done before the start of next season.

Couhig opened up to say that the days after the play-off final were like a blur.

The American investor said: “The last 11 days have been like a blur.

“The first couple days were sent celebrating to a certain extent.

“Wednesday, Thursday, Friday probably put 40, 50, 60 hours of work in.

“Continued Saturday and continued Sunday.

“[We] Went up to St Andrews with Neil Harman, worked in the day and played a round of golf each evening - had a wonderful trip

“It just every once and a while that I have to pinch myself that we have to prepare for the Championship.”

The Adams Park outfit are currently working on improving the Chairboys village, upgrading the floodlight system across the ground and implementing Hawk-Eye into the ground.

Hawk-Eye is the technology used to see if the football has crossed over the goal line if the officials missed it first-hand.

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He continued: “There certain requirements for Championship football that were putting in place now.

“We’ve already ordered the light up rate currently we are at 550 watts and we need to get to 800 watts or we will get fined.

“Hawk-Eye technology is going in now for goal line technology.

“The media department has to upgraded substantially.

“We working on upgrading the Chairboys village.

“There’s a million things that 10 or 11 people are trying to get done.

“Normally between the end of play-offs there is a much more extended time frame.

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“We had to move immediately to prepare for next year.

“No time off whatsoever for the business staff and the football staff.

“I think the boys are enjoying some time off but they’ll be back soon as well.”

The season will start on September 12.