A woman has been badly hurt when a hit and run driver left her lying in the road in Iver Heath.

Tina Digby, 40, who lives with her partner Dan Sullivan and their children Matthew, 17 and Maisie, 12, had been on her way to Tesco nearby at around 8.25pm on Saturday, February 8. She was crossing the Slough Road near the Black Horse and Crooked Billet pubs when she was hit by an unknown vehicle that did not stop.

Almost two weeks later Tina is still in hospital and faces more treatment.

She is in constant pain and at one point it was feared she might lose her leg and her condition is still being carefully monitored.

She remembers vividly how her life suddenly changed.

She said: "A passer-by helped drag me back onto the road and my femur was just sticking out. A policeman said he had never seen anything like it."

Tina had just started a new job as a teacher but because she was still in a probation period she will not be paid.

Dan works as a tennis coach but the winter weather affects his business and the accident is putting a terrible financial strain on the family.

He said: "We moved into the Iver Heath area five years ago to get a better quality of life for our kids, having lived in Harlesden London and experiencing all the horrible things that are happening to teenagers back there. We are now in serious trouble, at risk of losing everything we have."

Police are asking anyone with information about the accident to call 101 quoting reference 43200045276.