West Wycombe School has marked a momentous occasion this month - reaching 100 pupils.

Monday, January 10, was ‘We Are 100’ Day at the village school - the day a new child joined and made it 100 pupils on the roll.

To celebrate,the school had an inspirational visit from Ian Rose, former Judo Paralympian, who gave a passionate assembly to parents, staff and children - an event organised by Cllr Andrea Baughan, High Wycombe mayor.

Ian shared how his disability had been difficult when he was in school, but started to believe in himself when he joined a judo club in High Wycombe, where he made friends.

He also shared details about his journey to the Paralympic games in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens and Beijing.

Mrs Rowley, deputy head teacher, said Ian’s visit was “truly inspirational”. She said: “He explained how his disability had been difficult when he was at school; other children were mean to him and he had no self-belief or self-confidence.

“His parents took him to a judo club in High Wycombe where he made friends and started to believe in himself.

“He made us believe that we can all achieve if we work hard and believe in ourselves and that we shouldn’t let set-backs stop us and used a quote from Nelson Mandela: 'I never lose, I either win or I learn'.

"This was particularly poignant when Ian was talking about his journey to London 2012. He had been a favourite to win a medal at his home Paralympics when he had a major injury in 2011. This meant that Ian’s competition days were over.

"Instead of becoming sad about it, he was really happy that he had the opportunity to carry the Paralympic torch through Thame High Street and his gold-medal-moment was being part of the opening ceremony with his family in the audience.

"He really taught us that we can overcome adversity and if we want to, we can reach the stars."

'We Are 100’ Day also saw children receiving chocolate coins to share with friends and family to celebrate the growth of the school.