Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships the week starting Saturday, November 21.


You aren’t the type of person who likes to feel restrained or restricted. Someone close is showing a more possessive or clinging side to their nature. This makes you uncomfortable and your natural reaction will be to gradually withdraw your affection and commitment. You’re about to start a new health journey. The first steps are the hardest but you will make improvements very quickly. This will be the incentive that will keep you going in the right direction.


Relationships are unpredictable. Some people are being so awkward, you don’t know where you stand. If anyone starts demanding that you pull strings on their behalf, refuse their request outright. Toxic people are draining your energy. Being a good friend does not mean you have to constantly put yourself out for others. Someone close shares a hard luck story and you’ve heard this one before. They won’t be fooling you now. You will reap the reward of showing restraint in chats about cash.


You are determined to get a job done and out of the way. Others are about to see there is a more efficient and no-nonsense side to your nature. If they’ve never seen this before, expect to receive some complimentary remarks and some good-natured teasing, too. Social plans arranged for the end of the week may not go as expected. You haven’t given a lot of attention to what’s happening in the world around you and this could be the cause of a major muddle.


Some people are hard to understand. One moment a friend is laughing and joking, the next they will be serious and sullen. You’re finding their moodiness annoying and you will only be able to put up with it in small doses. A colleague or neighbour is trying to get your attention. In the past they have learned to rely on you for your advice. Without your guidance, they feel confused and uncertain about what to do next. It won’t be a problem for you to give some suggestions.


You feel restless and uncertain about decisions recently made. Someone you recently met is cagey and will not reveal a lot about their life. You suspect they have something to hide. Don’t ignore your hunches. Intuitively, you will have a good idea about whether someone can or cannot be trusted. You’re hoping to organise joint responsibilities in a better way. Talk to your partner about this and they will be more cooperative than you expected.


A new partner is moving away for business or family reasons. Seeing each other occasionally may not be enough to build a romantic relationship. You might get the feeling you don’t know each other well enough for this relationship to survive if distance is going to keep you apart. Your head is filled with ideas and inspirations. It only takes the smallest of thoughts to sow the seeds of something big. You could be taken aback by the way a small idea grows once other people get to hear your thoughts.


Your ideas are inspirational. You might not take them seriously at first but the dreams and schemes you come up with now could have far greater consequences than you imagine. Check times of meetings and appointments before you set off. Check too that others involved have remembered. Calling them once you get there to find out whether or not they’re on their way could be leaving it too late especially if they have double booked themselves.


New starts are likely. Even if you’re uncertain about how a project is going to go, you have plenty time to sort out any teething problems. Promotion is a possibility but don’t be too sure of yourself. Just relax and let things happen. You don’t need to do anything to receive the rewards coming to you at this time. A colleague has come to depend on you a lot. Give this relationship some careful thought. You may want to start encouraging them to stand on their own two feet.


Sometimes it feels as if some people rely on you too heavily. Deep down, you secretly enjoy it. You like to be at the front of whatever’s going on and if given the choice between taking orders and dishing them out, you would rather be the one who makes the decisions. While your approach may be different, this could be a good thing in a partnership. If, after giving it some thought, you realise your home is making you miserable, either make some changes, redecorate or move out.


Close ties or a work relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs lately. Small differences of opinions have got in the way of an otherwise harmonious friendship. There’s a breach between you that you might want to mend before it develops into a yawning chasm. Now is the time to do something about this. Turn down an offer that is made that feels like an insult to your intelligence. Better opportunities will come your way.


Plans you had been looking forward to may not turn out as everyone was expecting. Only a small number of people will turn up and this will make it disappointing or in general, due to restrictive rules and regulations, things won’t go smoothly. People will understand if you decide to leave early. Friends are looking to you to instigate a group project. You won’t want to let your side down but there are important personal matters you need to get out of the way beforehand.


You want to work more on your friendships. Keeping in touch with friends through text messages, social networking sites and phone calls has worked until now but ultimately, spending time together regularly is a necessity. One of you is starting to feel lonely. Be extra careful in all communications. Wait a few days before responding to a text message that makes you angry. A quick response could cause a heated exchange of words and later regrets.