People from across Wycombe have been invited to mark this year's leap day by dedicating the extra hours to help the National Trust volunteering at West Wycombe Hill.

The group will be joining together alongside volunteers to help create habitats for wildlife.

The inpracticality of grazing sheep and cattle on the steep hill means the National Trust rangers and volunteer teams work throughout the year, scrub clearing in early spring and cutting the grass back in summer, to maintain the site.

Neil Harris, National Trust Countryside Manager said: “West Wycombe Hill is one of the UK’s rare chalk grassland sites. Invasive scrub species can take over and the wild grasses and flowers that butterflies and other insects rely on can’t compete. Our rangers have to lend nature a hand and scrub clearing is one of the important things we do to help.

“It’s a big task though and we’re hoping people can help us and spare an hour or two for some fun scrub bashing this leap year. Why not bring the family or a group of friends together? Everyone is welcome, including well behaved dogs!”

If you would like to join the team, you can register your spot by emailing

A safety briefing will take place at 10am and you must attend this to join the event. Free parking is available at the National Trust Car Park, Church Lane, West Wycombe.