The Thames Valley Air Ambulance was scrambled to help more than 400 people in need of lifesaving treatment in High Wycombe in just a year.

The number of times the medic helicopter was dispatched to help patients in desperate need surged by a staggering 110 per cent, compared to the year before.

Between October 1, 2018, and September 30 this year, the charity was dispatched to 402 patients in High Wycombe.

During this time, the three most common types of incidents the crew attended were cardiac arrests (23 per cent), road traffic collisions (22 per cent) and accidental injury (19 per cent).

During the same year period, Thames Valley Air Ambulance’s crew administered enhanced pain relief to more than 680 patients.

These specialist drugs - carried on the helicopter and critical care response vehicles - are not available on traditional land ambulances.

They allow the charity’s teams of paramedics and doctors to deliver advanced medical care to critically ill and severely injured patients.

Within minutes, the highly trained crew can perform hospital-level procedures at the scene of the incident, from blood transfusions to open-chest surgery to cardiac arrests.

By becoming an independent healthcare provider, Thames Valley Air Ambulance was able to recruit eleven more paramedics, as well as adding four Critical Care Response vehicles to its emergency fleet.

Supporters will get to see these pivotal developments from the last year showcased for the first time in the third series of More4’s popular Emergency Helicopter Medics at 9pm on Sunday evenings.

The television programme highlights Thames Valley Air Ambulance’s vital work, and two other air ambulance services, as they bring hospital-level treatment to patients suffering from a range of potentially life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Executive Amanda McLean said: "I’m incredibly proud of the fact that we have cared for so many more patients and I’m very grateful to our crew and staff who have worked so hard to make this possible.

"Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are continually striving to improve the care we provide.

"The changes we made last October allowed us to increase our resources allowing us to be ready to help more patients than ever before.

"We receive no government or national lottery funding and I’d like to thank the community that we serve for their generosity and support.

"It is that which enables us provide advanced critical care to people that live, work and travel in the Thames Valley."

To find out more or to support the work of Thames Valley Air Ambulance, visit or call 0300 999 0135.