The South Bucks district has the highest level of carbon dioxide emissions in the South East according to a recent study.

New researched published online by energy-saving firm, Migrate, has revealed that South Bucks has the worst CO2 emission rate in the South East, with a total of 11.10 CO2 per capita.

In total, the areas total CO2 emission level amounts to 774.68 kt, a minus 20.8 percent change over the last ten years.

Zoe Hatch, Green Party Candidate for Beaconsfield, said: “The figures highlight an absolute dereliction of duty from South Bucks District Council who should have worked harder to reduce CO2 emissions in the face of the current Climate Emergency.

“We cannot continue with business as usual or, as scientists have warned, we face an unprecedented crisis, devastating loss of life and the collapse of civilisation as we know it.

“To do nothing is to rob our children of a safe and healthy future. Chiltern Green Party have collected hundreds of signatures from constituents across the region supporting the declaration of a climate emergency backed by real and substantial measures to reduce emissions.

“If South Bucks will not act, I call upon the new unitary authority in Bucks to make this issue their top priority when they come into office next year.”

Cllr Nick Naylor, Leader of South Bucks District Council, said: “The volume of traffic in South Bucks due to our close proximity to London and Heathrow Airport and the motorways which pass through the district (M25, M40 and M4), as well as the number of large properties in the area and high levels of car ownership means there will always be challenges, but there are things we can all do to help.

“Everyone living and working in South Bucks can do their bit to reduce their own CO2 emissions; whether that’s in your home, by the way you travel or even shopping more sustainably.

 “As a local authority we provide information to homeowners on grants, saving energy and sustainable building, we promote ‘collective switching’ opportunities to save money on fuel bills and we work with Bucks County Council and neighbouring authorities in wider energy initiatives.

 “Since 2008 we have reduced CO2 emissions from the council’s operations by 51%.

“We have done this through our climate change strategy which enables us to monitor and reduce our carbon emissions. We have achieved energy efficiency improvements in many areas of the business including the council’s IT systems and equipment which have seen a significant reduction in energy use.

“The council offices in Denham have been fitted with large scale Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) which contributes to renewable energy, we have fitted electric vehicle charging points in most of our car parks and trialled an electric waste collection vehicle.

“Every project or activity includes consideration of sustainability and climate change and we have developed and adopted a Sustainable Construction and Renewable Energy Supplementary planning document.

“We welcome this report as it serves as another reminder of the urgency of the climate change crisis and encourages us all to keep working together to reduce CO2 emissions in South Bucks and beyond.”