South Bucks Hospice is organising a festive celebration day on December 6 and is asking companies and schools to wear Christmas clothing and donate to the charity.

Clubs, community groups and councils will also be asked to join in, along with any other organisations or residents who would like to take part in a fun way of fundraising.

Ben O’Keefe, Community Fundraiser for South Bucks Hospice, said: “It’s a variation on mufti days that schools normally hold.

“In this case, we want people all over Bucks to come together on December 6 and help our patients by wearing something festive.

"Christmas is a really difficult period for some of our patients and their families, so it would be great if the community can band together in this way to help raise some money for the services they so rely on."

The South Bucks Hospice is based at Butterfly House in High Wycombe and helps people with progressive, life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

Ben added: “It’s important to remember that we don’t want you to go out and buy anything new because we are a huge supporter of re-use, as people will realise when they go into our shops at Hazlemere, Bourne End, High Heavens and Aston Clinton.

“We are asking here for people to be creative with clothes they already have. So, put on anything that makes you feel festive – such as a green jumper with a red nose stuck on to it.

“Or you can pop into one of our shops and have a look for something that makes you feel festive.”

The suggested donation for any adult taking part is £2 and £1 for school children and if December 6 doesn’t work the hospice are available to vary the date.

For anyone who wants to take part you can contact Ben on 01494 552 761 or