Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, January 11.


Your romantic partner or best friend will not mean to upset you. Comments they make might seem inconsiderate but they’ve just not thought about the impact of their words. Their remarks will make you despondent at first but if you take time to talk it over, you will overcome any negative feelings. A senior colleague’s advice is not meant to be taken literally. Although you respect their opinion, you might see alternative options.


Use your imagination and take the initiative. Your willingness to experiment will result in a new discovery. You’re able to pick up on possibilities and opportunities that other people have overlooked. Preparations for change are being set underway. An older relative will support and approve of your decisions. You are excited about an emerging friendship and it will feel good to mix with people who share your interests and beliefs.


You are about to give up on an idea before even trying. Are you using the fact that you’ve never done anything like this before as an excuse to turn down an offer or opportunity? This is your chance to gain new experience and improve your life. It’s always important to be willing to grow and change. If you’re struggling with a job you are working on, ask for help.


It’s not a time to take anything for granted. Don’t be in a rush to push practical matters out of the way. Double check the wording in contracts and documents and watch out for hidden clauses. A workmate will accuse you of nit-picking but ignore them. A meeting or interview could include someone you knew in the past. You’ve never found their company easy so this will make you nervous. It might come as a surprise to find you will actually get on really well together.

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A trip to a close friend or relative will be interesting. They could be the opening you need to do something positive about a project you’ve been dreaming about. This is your chance to develop your creative ability. Love is always important to you. Very soon, there will be a successful outcome to a recent proposal or proposition. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll be heading down the aisle. Joint agreements mark a positive turning point in a special relationship.


Revive your routine. Even small changes will make you feel as if life has something new to offer. If you’re thinking about taking a trip later in the month, make reservations now. A personal skill could come in useful for a working project. It may be necessary for you to take charge to help you move this venture forward. This will add to your prestige in the eyes of an important individual. Responding to an important request could result in a promotion.


You’re overly sensitive to atmosphere and you’re reading too much into things. Curb your over-active imagination. The silence as you walk into the room is not because you were the subject of the conversation. You prefer harmony to discord and yet you’re allowing your suspicions to come between you and the people who matter. An interview could change your life and you can’t wait to see where this might lead.


You’ve grown out of a hobby or interest that used to fascinate you. You’ve got as much as you can out of this activity and you’re ready for something new. A friend doesn’t understand why you are bored but this situation no longer challenges you. Channel your energy into creative activities. Your contribution to a group project could favour your chances of promotion as your boss will recognise your talents and give you a reward.


Disagreements over money is putting a strain on a close relationship. Put yourself on a strict budget until you have cleared your debts. A joint effort to take control of your money situation will be aimed at making your future more secure. It may not have been planned but the chance to join a training course is worth considering when this might help improve your career prospects. You could benefit from additional technical training.

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You or a relative will be keeping unusual hours. After the initial shock at having to drop everything to respond to a family member’s strange request, you will enjoy the experience. Now is your chance to meet new people and visit new places. You may not be able to make firm plans with an unpredictable friend but if you treat each day as a new adventure, you will have a lot of fun.


You’re about to enter an important new phase in romance. Abandoning yourself to pleasure will give you a new lease of life. It’s time to cut back on your social life and devote more time to romance and your closest relationships. Arrange a special treat or a candlelit dinner for two. At work, more and more jobs are being expected of you and if this continues, you’re worried that you won’t be able to cope.


Your financial judgement is good. You will be making some important business decisions too and , you have high levels of intuition to rely on. Go with what you feel is right . There’s a lot you have to cope with in the family these days. You can’t continue with some plans without your loved ones’ support but you will need to be persistent if you’re trying to get an older relative to help.