Celebrity Bucks resident Russel Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, November 30.


Plans being discussed will lead to some swift and sudden arrangements. Even though everything is happening quickly, you aren’t being as impulsive as someone is accusing. You’ve already given these matters a lot of thought so why let this person get to you? Your vivid imagination is both a bonus and a nuisance depending on who you are with and what you are doing. Ideally you would like to use your ideas in a constructive way.


You have enough on your plate. That’s why the last thing you should do is take on anything more. People will accuse you of being selfish but you’re turning down requests to do them a favour for a reason. It will be a waste of our time and energy trying to stick up for yourself. Instead, just get on with what you have to do. Delayed money transactions will make this a time when you may need to be resourceful. Taking your lunch to work and doing price comparisons will help you save money.


Arranging or embarking on a holiday will provide you with the change of scenery you are now in need of. You may even feel an urge to relocate to a new area. Decide on whether this sudden restlessness is a good enough excuse to warrant a move. Someone will approach you for a donation to a seemingly worthwhile cause. Trust our intuition if you feel something deceitful is going on. Not everyone can be trusted.


You would like to get a project completed before the end of the week. This will mean your days are especially busy. Once you have made up your mind, there will be no stopping you until you reach this goal. All this extra effort will reap great rewards. An impractical friend will try your patience. You’re tired of having to fix their mistakes and the best thing you can do is keep out of their way.

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Avoid speculation of any kind. This is not a good time for gambling in any sense whether it is with money, in love, or both. If anyone is trying to persuade you into pouring your savings into a get rich quick scheme, close your ears to what they are saying. Feelings of happiness, joy and affection shouldn’t be hidden away. When you express your love, it will make a deep impact on your relationships.


Friends, neighbours and colleagues all want to keep you company. Don’t expect to get a lot of time to yourself. If you are recovering from an illness, there will be no end to the phone calls and knocks on your door. You’re starting to realise how much people care for you. A job opening for an executive position would fit you like a glove. Show your interest and start practising your interviewing skills.


You need to put more effort into balancing your income and expenditures as you can’t afford to neglect financial matters. Taking a course in money management will lead to financial independence. While you are learning new skills, think back to an activity you loved as a child. It’s not too late to return to a hobby you always enjoyed or to take steps to realise a childhood dream. Working on new activities will cause your creativity to soar.


You have a busy schedule and a lot of this will involve other people. This is good enough reason to pull yourself out of the solitary mood you seem to be in. Your friends and family will be glad to see you in a more social frame of mind. They’re planning a big festive event and want your involvement. A special skill or creative talent you have will come in useful in a group project. Serving as a mentor to a younger colleague will be a responsibility that will fill you with pride.


You’re in the middle of a project that seems to have gone on for ages. Keep at it and you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There may have been moments when you questioned your involvement but now you will look back and know that all the sweat and tears have been worthwhile. A colleague may accidentally reveal a secret. This information could come in useful so pretend you haven’t noticed their minor mistake. Knowledge is power.

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A legal or property matter is not going well but don’t let this get you down. If you’re tired of trying to deal with this on your own, ask for help. It might be better to leave it to a professional to wade through all the red tape. Start planning a trip to visit friends you haven’t seen for a while. This journey will remind you of a time in your life that was less complicated and serious. Allow this memory to sustain you through the tough times.


It doesn’t matter how carefully a job was planned, if you start to rush it now, mistakes will be made. A need to get a move on could prompt you to do something hasty. It would be better to pause, take a deep breath and acknowledge that some things do take time. Arrange to have some quiet moments to yourself. There’s a need to reflect, plan and search for answers. Getting away from familiar places will allow you to reconnect.


A friend or loved one’s attempts to dominate you will cause you frustration and aggravation. You disagree with the decisions they are making and now is the time to tell them so. Let people know how you really feel or the stress will start to affect your health. Your professional life has been hectic and your work shows no signs of settling down to any kind of routine. It isn’t easy to handle your own responsibilities as well as trying to cover for a colleague.