Marlow’s very own Rock Bottom Festival took place on Saturday, June 22.

The festival was back for a seventh consecutive year, with the popular musical event saw honour bands such as Queen Tribute Band Majesty, Pure Abba and U2 Baby take to the stage at the town’s Playing Fields.

But as well as big name tribute bands that took the south of Buckinghamshire by storm, there was a unique performance which took place this weekend.

David Taylor, who works as a mental health judge and has done so for 12 years, performed the popular Tears for Fears tune, ‘Shout’, to promote those who are suffering from depression or any other metal issue to talk up about it.

Shout is also the new mental health text line and so far, Mr Taylor has raised more than £1,000 to charity.

He said: “As far as I am aware, I am the first of Her Majesty’s Judges ever to perform at a rock concert.

“I am happy to embarrass myself and my family in order to raise awareness of this valuable life-saving service.”

The text line was launched by both Prince William and Harry in May and this replicates what the US have done.

The initiative has seen an increase in people talking to suicide help lines which has seen many lives get saved in the North American country.

David said: “I start at Rock Bottom and next week, who knows, Glastonbury?!”

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