A 'Creation Celebration' event to highlight climate issues was held in Risborough. 

The community of St Teresa’s church in Princes Risborough held a ‘Creation Celebration’ on September 1, an event where people campaign to tackle climate change.

More than 30 people gathered in the churches garden to discuss their views and aims for the future.

The event, organised by CAFOD (Catholic International Development Charity) volunteers, included a mass with special readings based on the environment, and the signing of a petition urging the UK government to act faster and to deliver more effective climate action.

CAFOD volunteer Sue Jepson said: “Surrounded as we were by nature’s beauty – the trees laden with ripening fruit, the birds singing from the hedgerow and soaring in the sky above us – this outdoor experience of our parish community sharing mass together was both uplifting and memorable.”

After the mass there was a climate change quiz followed by a discussion about the importance of nature in local life including the impact we all have on the health of the sea and coastal areas.

This is one of many ‘Creation Celebration’s’ to happen across England and Wales, as volunteers hope the event will raise awareness and start conversations about the issue.

Maria Elena Arana, CAFOD’s campaign coordinator, said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to the community of St Teresa’s for organising this Creation celebration.

“We have just experienced one of the hottest summers on record, and now we need to work together to go further and faster to end our contribution to climate change.

“Events like these show that communities are serious about taking responsibility and forging new habits – and this gives hope that together, we can turn the tide.”

To find out more information about CAFOD’s campaign visit cafod.org.uk/campaign.