At the top is one of the first pictures I printed in this column back in 2005, in the days when I was only allowed a very small space. Now, being generously given a whole page, it might be a good time for a repeat, although coming only from a small snapshot it does not enlarge too well, even with today’s technology.

It was only a couple of years ago that I found out that an alternative existed, obviously taken just a few seconds later, and this is shown here as well.

It is a 1950s Annual Sunday School outing from Marlow. Most kids attended Sunday School back then. If I remember correctly, these trips used to alternate between going to the California Pleasure Park near Wokingham, and Ruislip Lido.

This was at Ruislip, the line-up is on the steps of one of the Art-Deco buildings there which date from 1935, alongside a disused reservoir complete with an artificial beach and boating facilities.

I am front row centre, and in the original picture it seems I am being chatted up by the young lady at my side, a rare occurrence in my life. In the newly found picture she has lost interest in me, but further along the line, that poor little chap still sits head in hands, perhaps feeling rough after too many ice creams.

There are several faces I can put names to, including Bernard Burger and his elder brother Andre, Maureen Sparks and Phillip Bonner, but also a few sadly no longer with us such as Colin Lovegrove, Dougie Ford, and, one of the older ones in the group, Eric Silvey at the back.

I have also found a couple of vintage Lido pictures. It still exists: I wonder how it looks these days; this was my one and only visit. Are you in this group? Any memories welcomed!

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