Following Red Kite’s decision to close 34 garages in Marlow, the housing association have responded to the criticism.

The High Wycombe based housing association sent a letter to their tenants at the start of the month which revealed that the garages in Marefield Road will have to be emptied by October 28.

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Several residents have expressed their frustration due to the soon-to-be closure, as the garages are expected to be knocked down and turned into five houses.



Red Kite said: “There is a huge local demand for housing in this area and our priority is to utilise our land to enable us to build more homes for our communities.

“We will therefore be applying for planning permission to do so at this location and need the site to be empty to allow our proposed planning application to progress.

“We understand there is a demand for parking in Marlow, and as a result the development of any new homes will allow for adequate parking for residents.

“We aim to deliver a development programme that allows for high levels of affordable housing in the district.

“To enable us to achieve this we will build a range of housing tenures, some of which will be homes for sale or for private rent.

“The revenue from these is then used to subsidise the building of affordable homes in the area.”

Red Kite purchased around 6,700 houses from Wycombe District Council in 2011.