Coffee giant Starbucks opened up their most recent store this morning in High Wycombe.

Opening next door to Wenzel’s, who recently moved onto London Road last December, Starbucks will face tough competition from the bakery. 

Both are opposite the Lidl, which opened in October 2020, giving shoppers two options to get their coffee fix.

LOOK: Inside the new Starbucks opening in High Wycombe

This is High Wycombe's second Starbucks with another inside the Eden Shopping Centre.

Bucks Free Press: Starbucks opens next door to Wenzel's on London Road, High WycombeStarbucks opens next door to Wenzel's on London Road, High Wycombe

Walking through the doors at Starbucks the store had that brand new feeling as I headed towards the till.

Large electric screens showed what coffees and drinks are available with Starbucks lovers able to pick up their usual favourites.

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Bucks Free Press: The counter where you order your itemsThe counter where you order your items

There were cold drinks, smoothies and ginger shots in the fridge alongside lunch options such as toasties, sandwiches and baguettes.

A sign advertising a plant-based tomato melt toastie caught the eye which used grated coconut oil instead of cheese and was sandwiched together in marked sourdough. 

Bucks Free Press: Some of the items available from the fridgeSome of the items available from the fridge

A wide range of pastries was at the counter with baked goods such as croissants, pain au chocolates, muffins and brownies on offer.

Whilst there was no queue I walked straight to the till and ordered a mocha (as I'm not a coffee lover myself!) and a cinnamon swirl.

To my delight I was asked would I like it warmed up and I promptly replied with a "yes, please!".

Bucks Free Press: Pastries and baked good on display at the counterPastries and baked good on display at the counter Both items arrived very quickly with a call of my name and I took a seat inside to try it out.

The mocha cost £3.65 as well as a 50p charge for whipped cream whilst the cinnamon swirl cost £2.40.

Bucks Free Press: My order arrived swiftlyMy order arrived swiftly

An expensive drink costing over £4 but nothing more than I expected having been to Starbucks before.

The pastry was warm, soft and had a great cinnamon flavour running through the middle of it, a certain treat for a Wednesday morning breakfast.

As I looked around only a few tables had been taken up with some working and others just there for a general chit-chat. 

Bucks Free Press:

The store will hope its queues start to build up as locals realise the popular coffee chain has its newest establishment.

Overall rating: 4/5. You know what you'll get food and drink wise from Starbucks but the winning factor here was the brand new interior which gives people a place to meet up, grab a coffee after a weekly shop, or provide a space to work.