Some months after his death in Wales a few more of Malcolm McIntyre-Ure’s pictures have come my way, and one of these is at the top of this page. He was a local press photographer and journalist in the 1960s and 70s.

Unusually there are some details pinned on the back of this one in Malcolm’s rather hard to read handwriting; most of his pictures are uncaptioned and undated.

“From the Causeway 1960, flags out for the Carnival. The Ford Anglia TLA 826, 4th car up on the right, was got for me by Ted Harris for £100. Ted’s wife ran Harris’ Stores P91. Ted, in braces, worked for J.Arthur Rank Cinemas.”

The “P91” baffled me for just a minute, but then I realised Malcolm was referring to a page in one of the “Trip Back In Time” booklets, in which the shop, the last building at the top of Seymour Court Road, was pictured.

It was a photo originally given to me by Pauline Harris who is at the front of the group, and, indeed there is a gentleman in braces.

I have added this above as well in case you have not seen it before – it was the only shop premises that ever existed in that road, and nearly opposite the present day Pinecroft.

I have no memories of Harris’ shop but I do recall that Mustoo Business Supplies were there before they moved down to Market Square. It was rebuilt as a residential house.

Malcolm’s own photo is especially interesting for a view of the former Currall’s Garage and the line of long forgotten shops, the largest of which was Kendall & Price Antiques.

You would not get much of a car for £100 in 2021! The reference to the booklet makes me wonder if Malcolm was intending to send this to me himself before he was suddenly hospitalised. By the way, I’m not sure where these six Malcolm pictures came from – in an envelope with no note – but thanks very much whoever you are!

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