The son of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne has claimed his dad’s reluctance to move back to the UK is because their Bucks mansion is ‘haunted as s**t’.

Jack Osbourne, who starred alongside his family in the 2000s reality show The Osbournes, told The Sun newspaper that Welders House, the Grade II listed home in Jordans owned by his parents is “f***ing haunted as s**t”.

The 38-year-old, who visited allegedly haunted places around the US on the 2019 TV series Portals to Hell, said he “hated” staying at Welders by himself.

Adding: “A few years ago, my friend James was house-sitting, and his baby woke up in the night – (he and his wife) heard a woman singing. They couldn’t figure it out.”

There was also one occasion when the whole family was home and heard ghostly footsteps “along the hall upstairs”.

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“We thought someone had broken into the house. That was clear as day, and it wasn’t a dog. It was footsteps coming down the hallway towards us.”

Unlikely as it may seem, fears of the supernatural could be one reason for the continued delay in Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s move back to the UK – initially planned for December 2022 and pushed back several times since.

The couple bought Welders in 1993 and were reportedly prepared to move back from their primary US residence nearly 30 years later when they faced hurdles first of necessary renovation work and then of 75-year-old Ozzy’s health issues.

Speaking on the podcast Howie Mandel Does Stuff last month, Sharon said her husband’s hesitancy to move back across the pond was also causing problems for the 10-part BBC programme Home to Roost, commissioned to follow the couple as they settle back into the UK.

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She said: “I have been trying to get Ozzy to get out of the house and come to England. I am still trying. He is having a little bit of a tough time. Getting old and not being well sucks.”

A source close to the family told the Daily Mirror that the musician was “unsure about the whole England return” and “loves being in LA close to his grandkids and music pals”.

71-year-old Sharon doesn’t seem deterred by the ghostly goings-on at Welders, however. Speaking on the BBC’s Women’s Hour podcast in November, she said “small-town” life in Jordans was a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Sharon told presenter Anita Rani: “We live in the countryside, it’s not full of paps and it’s not a busy little town. We have a lot of land so (Ozzy) will be able to walk around and pursue his hobbies without being bothered.

“It’s home, it’s always been home – I don’t think I’m very American and I just feel more at home here.”