A “modern and larger” ambulance facility proposed on a derelict site and to replace a smaller one ‘not fit for purpose’ has been green-lit.

Bucks Council agreed it wants to build a new ambulance resource centre on the former Orchard House site, in High Wycombe, off Cressex Link – in partnership with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

It said the new facility will meet “current and future operational needs”, and will replace the smaller, outdated facility in West End Street, which is “no longer fit for purpose”.

Bucks Free Press:

Former Orchard House site

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The former Orchard House site is a dormant council-owned property, which, after it closed, remained unused for some time until it was agreed the buildings could not be repurposed and were demolished, freeing the site up for eventual redevelopment.

The site at present is ‘vacant, unsightly, and vulnerable to trespass and vandalism’, a report states.

A residential scheme for the site was also considered.

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“This development will replace the much smaller existing High Wycombe ambulance facility,” a report states. “The new facility would meet current and future operational needs.”

It adds: “This new facility will result in an area-wide improved patient transport and emergency response service.”

SCAS chief executive Will Hancock said: “The proposed site is in an excellent location and, with larger and enhanced facilities, will support our staff in turning vehicles around quickly so they can get back on the road without delay.”

The proposal is subject to a successful planning application, and an “extensive public consultation”.

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