A Bucks town was mentioned on one of the biggest English-speaking radio stations in the middle east.

It was Marlow that got a shout-out on Hi FM, a hit music station in Oman.

The radio station’s morning show is hosted by Robin Banks and Marlow-born Jonny Barrows.

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With reports of Harrison Ford flying into Bucks to continue filming the fifth Indiana Jones film, the pair discussed the filming of big blockbuster films in the Bucks area.

Jonny said: “Harrison Ford is in the UK, my neck of the woods.”

To that Robin said: “Is he in Marlow? That is the village Johnny is from.”

Jonny replied: “They are filming in Marlow.

“They are filming a bit of a new Star Wars show but I don’t think Harrison Ford is involved.

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“Anyway, he is filming the new Indiana Jones.”

This is not the first time a radio presenter has talked about the filming of Star Wars in Little Marlow.

Radio and TV personality Chris Evans talked about the Little Marlow film set that is ‘around the corner’ from his home on Virgin Radio.