A couple who tragically lost their young child have dedicated their time to carrying out random acts of kindness and fundraising in memory of their daughter.

In February 2018, Kerry Wheeler and Mark Gromnicki lost their child at 30 weeks. The pair started to raise money for the Bereavement Suite where Florence was born.

Kerry said: “We were dreading Florence’s due date as we had already had ten painful weeks since she had died so decided to make it a positive day and about her so we left 15 random acts of kindness around Amersham and down at the seaside where we later spent the day, as she was born on the 15th Feb 2018, we chose to leave 15.

“These included packets of sweet, Bunches of flowers and other small items. We just hoped to make people smile and leaving them for others to find made us smile too.”

The couple recently received a considerable amount of praise on social media, when Thames Valley Police shared an image of an ice cream donation made to Amersham Police Station to thank officers for working in the hot weather.

Aside from spreading happiness amongst the local community, the couple and their friends have raised over £10,500 in Florence’s name. Over £8,000 has been raised for bereavement charity Tommy’s, with family friend Jemma also raising £2,500 for the bereavement suite when she completed the Brighton Marathon.

The couple plan to continue fundraising to help fund vital research.

Kerry said: “We will not stop yet and we have some plans for more fundraising in Flo’s name in the future and we hope that our fundraising will help charity’s like Tommy’s, to help to stop so many babies dying but also help the families who heartbreakingly find themselves in the position we did just short of 18 months ago.”

“We have found that since Florence died there is still such a taboo surrounding baby loss and we hope our little Florence can be part of breaking the silence.

“Every time someone learns her name, knows it’s ok to say her name out loud and we make people smile with a random act of kindness or donation then we know we have ensured our promise of leaving her a legacy she deserves.

“And we hope that this will help others know that if someone says that their baby died to continue the conversation even by simply asking their babies name.”

If you would like to donate to Tommy's to support their vital work, visit: www.tommys.org.