A Marlow woman was given a huge shock on Saturday night when she opened her kitchen draw and found a large snake inside.

The terrified woman called her neighbour to help, who then alerted police. Officers managed to confine the snake in a box before requesting assistance from the RSPCA.

Animal collection officer Rachel Edwards went to the home the following day to pick up the slithering intruder.

Rachel said: “Luckily, corn snakes are harmless and, with a little help from a neighbour, they were able to pop him into a box and wait for help.

“The corn snake is in fairly good condition, so I suspect he’s an escaped pet and I’d be keen to hear from anyone who recognises him as it’d be great to reunite him with his owners.”

Rachel has put posters up across the local area and added the snake to PetsLocated in a bid to reunite it with its owner.It is currently being cared for by specialists and will be rehomed if the owner is not located.