The people of Marlow have voiced their opinions on the struggles that some independent business on the town’s High Street.

This comes after we published an article on February 12 about Buckinghams of Marlow, who revealed that they pay £32,000 in business rates, and that they are a ‘killer’.

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And those who run the jewellers believe that several independent shops on the High Street are decreasing due to the amount of chain stores that are appearing.

Following the original article being published, one Facebook user said: “Sadly independent shops cannot survive.

“Marlow will become no different to any other town, full of national chains.”

Whilst another added: “Unfortunately big chains will use Marlow high street as a ' loss leader' as they will have high street presence within a great area.

“Also willing to pay the sky-high rent to achieve their presence and awareness.”

One Facebook user believes that the business rates fees should be reviewed.

They said: “Business rates, especially for retailers, require review nationwide.

“If shop owners are ever to compete with the internet, rates need to come down.

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“And we need to tax the US giants fishing in our pond but not paying tax.

“Given Brexit, we all need to support local shops and buy British!”

The business has been in Marlow for the last 15 years and on a good day, Buckinghams of Marlow can average around eight to 15 customers a day - sometimes 30 during the Christmas period.

Another user said: “Business rates are the wrong target.

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“It would be completely pointless taking say 10 per cent off business rates if property owners just took the opportunity to increase rentals by the same amount.

“All you do is move money away from public services and into landlords' pockets.

“What is needed is an end to upward-only rent reviews and a serious (downward) correction in real property values.

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“But that will hit pension funds and the very thought of it is enough to terrify any Chancellor.”

Whilst another added: “They [the business rates] are very high and they are crippling small businesses.

Another online user then encouraged that the people of Marlow should stop using national chains on the High Street, and instead use local shops.

They said: “I think people should boycott national chains like Prezzo, Zizzi, Starbucks etc in favour of independent business.”