Several allotments will become available in Marlow at the end of the month.

Spaces in Foxes Piece and at the Hanging Hill Allotments site will see an undisclosed amount of spaces being offered to people from all over South Bucks to grow their own produce, plant their crops, meet new people, socialise and relax.

The allotments come in all shapes and sizes, with some coming with sheds, greenhouses and polytunnels.

Sylvia Miller, who is the sectary at The Marlow Allotments Association said: “Once taking on an allotment, the most noticeable thing is that everything is re-used.

“For example, plastic bottles are used on top of canes to hold up the netting, frames and metal poles are used, loo roll tubes are composted along with egg boxes and eggshells.

“If it cannot be used it can be burned and the ash is great for the soil.

"If something jingles, it can be used to keep birds off the crop and the initiative of some people is amazing.”

Additionally, the allotments can also be used to grow flowers but more than likely, planting enthusiasts will use the space to grow their food where they’ll be able to use fruit cages and vegetable beds with grass pathways in between.

Sylvia added: “Taking on an allotment plot is not easy, but the rewards are very satisfying, as they put food on the table.

“Once the early problems have been conquered there can be produce all year round.

"For example, in the winter it may be dull such as kale, cabbage, and sprouts.

“However, we get an immense variety in the summer from stripy beetroot, unusual varieties of cucumbers, enormous beef tomatoes, a constant supply of beans, courgettes and an abundance of fruit to store or freeze to name just a few.”

If anyone is interested in an allotment at either Foxes Piece or at the Hanging Hill Allotments site, they should contact Marlow Town Council by visiting their website or by calling 01628 484024.

Please note that the allotments in Marlow are only offered to residents of the town.