Wycombe District Council could give Marlow Town Council a £100,000 grant to try and improve the town.

In their latest council meeting on January 14, the town councillors agreed on the following ideas to put forward to WDC (Wycombe District Council), to see whether the grant would be accepted or not.

The ideas had to be submitted before the end of the current financial year.

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The suggestions that were mentioned and later approved on the night included the likes of getting new lights on Marlow Bridge, improving the infrastructure for when the town’s Christmas lights are put up in November and implementing three water refill stations.

The refill stations will be part of the #SustainableMarlow project, which is to try and help the town become more environmentally-friendly.

Additionally, the town council hope to improve The Causeway with the money that Wycombe District Council could give them, and they also hope that more security patrols around the town, which includes more people patrolling Higginson Park at night, will also be given the green light.

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The meeting also revealed that council tax prices will remain the same for the following year.

Currently, council tax in Marlow is priced at £51.24 per year.

The next council meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 17.