A campaign to remove the new width bollards from Marlow Bridge has been launched just a few weeks after they were installed.

Work was completed on the week of February 15 as the distance between the bollards on the bridge was reduced to prevent HGVs from crossing the bridge.

Buckinghamshire council has also been looking at the prospect of installing ANPR cameras on the bridge.

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ANPR cameras read the number plate of passing vehicles and check them in a database of vehicles of interest to DVSA.

Weigh-in-motion equipment will allow the DVSA to identify overloaded vehicles and help target which vehicles to stop and check.

Residents are concerned that larger cars are unable to use the bridge as they are worried to the new bollards could damage their vehicle.

One resident said: “We definitely need to protect our beautiful bridge from overweight vehicles.

“The killer bollards don’t do that as mid-size lorries squeeze through.

“Whilst less confident drivers of small but wide cars are too nervous to chance the bridge.

“APNR would get my vote.”

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Another believes the bridge should be reinforced so it can hold the weight of heavier vehicles.

They added: “The bridge should be made fit for purpose for the modern age.

“If this means reinforcing it further whilst retaining its beauty then I am sure with some sensitive engineering brilliance this can be achieved.

“It would surely look better than ‘can openers’ at the entrance and egress to the bridge!”