Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow will host a mock general election on December 12, the same day as the country’s election.

The event will see five Sixth Form students acting as candidates, with each student representing the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and the Brexit Party respectively.

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Prior to the mock general election, the students have conducted polls, had Q&A sessions with local candidates and also reported on events both within school and outside of school on an almost daily basis.

Isobel Potter, a Sixth Form student at the school told the Bucks Free Press: “Our aim is to exceed the national turnout and encourage young people, a whole new generation of voters, at Borlase and also in the local area, to participate in politics.

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“In addition to this, we would like to inspire faith in the older generations, particularly those more detached from the younger population and show our community the hard work that has gone into creating such an exciting event.

“For example, we have written analytical articles on many of the TV debates and most recently, this week, reported and filmed a student debate.

“With the rest of the country, students and staff at Borlase will be voting on December 12.”

This year’s election will be the fourth of this decade following the votes in 2010, 2015 and 2017. 

Additionally, this will be the first general election to take place in the month of December since 1923, which the Conservatives won.

Isobel added: “To be immersed in the school election has made the national one even more fascinating to follow.

“Also, I think it is so important that everyone is aware and educated about politics and the impact that it can have.

“Having easier access to information and encouraging political awareness from students is imperative to us getting our voices heard by politicians and making positive changes in the future.”