The owner of a fish and chip shop in Marlow has thanked the people of the town for their feedback.

Kedar Gore, who co-owns the Penguin Fish Bar on West Street, exclusively told the Free Press last week how the people of the town need to ‘support local businesses’, after he admitted to working 78-hours-a-week to make ends meet.

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Following our interview with Mr Gore, the people of Marlow have since suggested several ideas of what the owner could do to improve his business.

Mr Gore said: “We have listened to the people who read the previous article and we wanted to say thank you for everything that they have said: both the positives and negatives.

“We have taken everything on board, and we hope to make some changes soon.

“Every piece of feedback is good feedback and sometimes, you need to be told the truth to improve.

“So, I’m definitely happy about the feedback that was given as I’m happy to take it on board.

“Even with the negative comments, you have to listen to them.

“Yes, you cannot please everyone but at the same time, maybe our readers have a point so we thank them for taking the time out to suggest ideas to us.”

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Following the article being published, readers recommended a number of ideas with one of them including making the shop signage more prominent

Other ideas included the introduction of card payments, changing the interior, having a gluten free option and making homemade food.

Whilst grateful for the ideas, Mr Gore stressed that the suggestions had to be ‘economically and operationally viable’.

He also revealed that the Penguin Fish Bar wasn’t able to progress like other fish and chip shops in the area over the last few years, due to the West Street eatery being involved in a lengthy legal battle in terms of securing a permanent lease from the landlord.

The case was settled in 2018.

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He continued: “We went through a very painful, long, legal battle where we managed to secure the lease, but we are still paying for the legal fees at the moment, as it cost us a lot of money to get secure lease.

“But now we’ve got that secure lease, we can now settle down and improve the place.

“Before that, it wasn’t down to us to spend money and improve the place as that was down to the landlord, but he didn’t want to spend money.”

He continued: “The signage will certainly be improved as we want to be more noticeable, we have applied for an alcohol license, and we’ll be improving the décor as well.

“Thank you, as your feedback has been very helpful.”

For more information about the Penguin Fish Bar, call 01628 477 271.