A group of children from a Marlow primary school improved their ‘outdoor learning space’ as part of the school’s Environmental Day.

More than 360 students from the Holy Trinity School raked leaves, planted trees and organised flower beds on Thursday, November 28, where they upgraded their school’s garden to help the environment.

Bucks Free Press: Children taking part on Environmental Day Children taking part on Environmental Day

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On the day, the year 3s raked and planted a wildflower meadow around the border of the school field, whilst the year 4s dug and planted hedgerows to create habitats for nearby wildlife.

Bucks Free Press: Children taking part on Environmental Day Children taking part on Environmental Day

The year 5s planted a miniature fruit orchard and a grove of hazel trees, whilst the year 6s cleared the cops area, which can now be used as an outdoor classroom.

Meredith Tiala, who is a teaching assistant at the school, said, "The day was a great success!

“It has been fantastic to see all of the children and staff engage so enthusiastically to transform our school grounds and give back to nature.

“I'm incredibly grateful for the Chiltern Rangers' help as well as the support we've received from parents who have donated trees and given up their time to help with the running of the day.

Bucks Free Press: The day took place on November 28 The day took place on November 28

“We have achieved so much in such a short space of time and most importantly, children have learnt a huge amount about the environment and why it is so important to do things like this."

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In the classrooms, the children learnt about the impact their actions have on the environment where they wrote poems, songs and raps as well as performing drama productions and made videos, which aim to encourage the adults of Marlow to do their bit to help the environment.

Additionally, each child took part in a school-wide competition to design and name their newly transformed outdoor learning space.